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Fred Isack

Fred Isack (10) lives at Mbugani , his photo elaborate how cattle lack green pastures and water due to negative perception of adults for environmental conservation as result of which animals water drinking dam dried up in the village."


Ramadhan Mohamed

Ramadhan Mohamed is 16 years old and is pursuing his secondary education at Wami secondary. He lives with his parents at C.C.M hamlet in Dakawa. In recent years he experienced a climatic crisis of drought caused by human etc


Henry Mazoa

Henry Mazoa is 16 years old form III student at Mvomero secondary school, he lives at Mchucha village. His daily experience of climate crisis in his village is a shortage of rainfall as a result of which poor crop production. At Mvomero ward, 100% of etc


Diana Daud

Diana Daud is a class five student at Leena pre and primary school at Morogoro Municipal council, she lives with her parents at kola Hill Street in Kigurunyembe ward. She is etc


Erick Egio

Erick Egio Kiduo is 15 years, lives with his parents in the village, he studies at Matale primary school class 5. He experiences drought in his village since the beginning of this year. etc