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Henry Mazoa is 16 years old form III student at Mvomero secondary school, he lives at Mchucha village. His daily experience of climate crisis in his village is a shortage of rainfall as a result of which poor crop production. At Mvomero ward, 100% of agricultural activities depend on rainwater as there are no water sources for irrigation farming.

"In our village, people use trees as a source of energy, they use it for firewood stove which consumes a lot of fire woods. When adults are cutting down trees every day for fire woods and timbers, they cause drought and hence poor crop production. If these destructions persist for long period our village will look like deserts, all animals and plants will die, and people will also die due to hunger and lack of drinking water.

The most problematic issue in our village regarding the environment is people are regularly cutting down trees to be used as fire woods and timber production. The cuts without replacing the new trees will affect the future generation as there will be no trees and the climate will change.

If all adults and children at school will be trained on the importance of trees and village leaders create programs every year to initiate tree planting, in the future the climatic crisis will not happen. There is a need to find an alternative source of energy which is environmentally friendly so as to reduce cutting down of trees for fire woods".

Hendry Mazoa a form three student at Mvomero secondary school, thought on how adults are cutting trees and burns forest for charcoal and fire woods as result of which lack of rainfall cause poor food production and loss of life to all living organisms. He is thinking education to his community on the important of planting trees for the future generation.