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'' No more green pastures to feed cattle, we are walking long distances to find green pastures for our animals" Said Fred Isack a class four student at Mirama primary school in Mvomero district. Fred Isack lives at Mbugani hamlet with his parents and 200 cattle at their home. He usually grazes animals after school and during the weekend he takes the animals to a river to drink some water.

Fred explained that "over the last two years there have not been rains and this has caused a serious drought as a result of which crops and green pastures have dried up. In our village, there is one artificial dam created purposely to preserve rainwater for animals to drink which has also dried, so it requires us to walk long hours with our cattle while seeking drinking water. Due to long hot days in our village crop harvests have become very poor this year, many animals have died, no milk production for which our parents could sell for buying us scholastic materials our parents have forced us not to go to school and instead to take the animals for grazing as our families depend on cattle as the mainstay of families' economy.

The reason for drought in our village is because our elders did not know the importance of trees, poor perception of planting trees and farming, they all focus on animal keeping without conserving the environment for rainfall, but instead, they destroy the existing trees for building houses and animal shelters. This distraction is the cause of the drought and when we walk all the way taking the animals for grazing no more trees are existing. Soil erosion is another problem in our village which occurs due to large numbers of animals as a result of which people move to other places and leave the land bare. In order to reduce these problems elders of clans need to be informed on the importance of planting trees and protecting the environment for future generations as they are the ones who can change the communities".

Fred Isack (10) lives at Mbugani , his photo elaborate how cattle lack green pastures and water due to negative perception of adults for environmental conservation as result of which animals water drinking dam dried up in the village.

His drawings reflect the reality as it is seen in the photos background