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Ramadhan Mohamed is 16 years old and is pursuing his secondary education at Wami secondary. He lives with his parents at C.C.M hamlet in Dakawa. In recent years he experienced a climatic crisis of drought caused by human destruction and an increased population of people at Dakawa since it is a business center in the Mvomero district.

"Many people cut trees for new settlements, agricultural activities, and for charcoal preparations. These activities distract the environment and cause a shortage of rainfall. According to our geography teacher, I learned that rain formation depends on the availability of trees and conserved forests. Lack of rainfall causes drying of water sources and a river in our village dried up as a result of which large numbers of fish died.

The river in the village which has dried used to support villagers in irrigation farming. Lack of water has resulted in poor harvesting of rice, the situation that is causing hunger in our village. Generally, our parents are experiencing difficulties in feeding their families but also supporting their children with scholastic materials. Therefore government through its land policy should set aside grazing and farming land but also insist on land conservation strategies''

Ramadhan Mohamed who lives at Dakawa thought about drawing a photo shows how people are cutting down trees near water sources for agricultural activities and settlements, which stops rainfall as a results living organism like fish are died due to drought. He was thought about planting more trees along the river to save fish.